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Lower Michigan Tree Removal Costs

Tree removal costs can vary by thousands of dollars. Many times, inexperienced and uninsured individuals will quote a very low price. This is because their overhead is lower. But with those bids comes a huge risk you take as the homeowner. Many times homeowner's insurance may not cover anything that may happen to your house as the result of tree removal by non-professionals. And if someone was to be injured or killed, your insurance again may not cover them, leaving you to foot any medical or legal bills.

As in everything else, you also get what you pay for. We estimate our prices based on how long it will take our experienced crew to do a proper tree removal, as well as a complete clean up. Remember, tree companies are here to provide a service and make money. Any company who comes in with a low-ball price have a time quota to meet before their employees wages cost more than the job. And the cleanup is usually what will suffer.

We can offer competative prices because our crews are experienced. And it's that experience that allows them to do the job quickly and efficently, allowing us to offer competative prices as well as make sure the job is done to your complete satisfaction.

We will beat any written quote for tree removal from all insured competitors!

Tree Removal

Why is hiring an insured tree removal service important?

Hiring an uninsured individual or company places all the liability risk on you. This includes liabilities for damage to property, as well as any bodily injury (or death) to the tree remover or any bystandards. In many cases, your homeowner's insurance may not cover these claims.

At Woodchopper's Tree Service, we don't believe that you should bear the burden for our workers, and therefore we are fully insured. This gives you piece of mind if anything should go wrong.

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